Quick Quotes: Kita Williams Weighs In On Chad Johnson’s Arrest

tevin1 Quick Quotes: Kita Williams Weighs In On Chad Johnsons Arrest

Kita Williams, former publicist to Terrell Owens, tells Showbiz Tonight that based off Evelyn Lozada‘s hot tempered history she was shocked to learn that it was Chad Johnson that was arrested for domestic abuse and not the other way around:

“I was totally, totally shocked. I mean, obviously this is something that’s beyond serious but when I heard about it, my first initial reaction when I heard ‘domestic violence’ – because he’s married to Evelyn – was that she was the initiator of this situation.”

“I was completely shocked that he was the perpetrator or accused to be the perpetrator in the situation. The crazy part is that we have to remember that Chad was arrested. He hasn’t been accused of a crime, yet. It’s up to the District Attorney on whether or not they want to pursue pressing charges against Chad so we have to look at both sides of the situation.”

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“Quite honestly, Evelyn has had altercations on camera and we know that she can be violent. However both of them are dealing with a situation that’s beyond just a minor incident. So, I’m definitely trying to figure out what the next step is for Chad because he’s already paying a big price tag for what’s happened.”

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