‘Love & Cigarillos: Ratchetlanta’ Episode 9 Sneak Peek

joseline ss ‘Love & Cigarillos: Ratchetlanta’ Episode 9 Sneak Peek

After Joseline was finished putting them paws on Steebie J in their joint counseling session with Mimi, she sat down with Benzino (who apparently has become the ultimate go to guy for relationship advice since hitting the sheets with Karlie Redd) to discuss her relationship with the producer.

While Joseline attempted to explain her role in the Steebie J love triangle (read: available box), Benzino makes it clear that she isn’t going anywhere before suggesting that all parties involved return to therapy so they can be one big happy family.

Joseline And Steebie J Hit The Club | photo credit Prince Williams

How do players play? All day, ev’ry day according to Momma Dee. In tonight’s episode she tells son Lil’ Scrappy, “You ain’t ready for a ‘lationship.” Maybe her wig was so tight that she couldn’t get the whole word out?


|post by Lita [@LitaSoFli]