Watch This: Drake Shows Off His Vintage Cash Money Chain

drake lips1 Watch This: Drake Shows Off His Vintage Cash Money Chain

This bussycat doll is officially stamped!

When he’s not putting fear in the hearts of Aaliyah fans across the globe Drake is being showered with trinkets. Chatting with DJ Scoob Doo for Bread Over Bed backstage at his Club Paradise Tour, Drizzy showed off his vintage Cash Money medallion.

Drizzy says, “You could buy the biggest chain in the world if you want, and you could put a bunch of fuckin’ wack ass diamonds in your shit or whatever, I see all ya’ll with that bullshit. But this right here is that original, this has history to it.”

“I’m excited about this. It’s an original Cash Money piece, man. This was probably in the ‘Bling Bling’ video or something like that,” he said before pledging allegiance to YMCMB forever. Yeah, okay.

Please tap your soror on the shoulder and remind her that Dame Dash gifted Curren$y with one of those golden era Roc-A-Fella chains (which by the way currently has the street value of an expired coupon for a Totino’s frozen pizza) when they were running around on that happy happy joy joy shit. And we all know how that turned out.