Style Jury: Wiz Khalifa

onifc Style Jury: Wiz Khalifa

Whether it’s from good Cali weed or from his fiancee Amber Rose‘s love juices we all know Wiz Khalifa stays high. That probably explains the inspiration behind this outfit.

For the cover of his upcoming album ‘O.N.I.C. (Only Nigga In First Class)’, Wiz pairs a sickening white dalmatian fur with a pair of Americana inspired nut-huggers worn by Dwight Eubanks at his 4th of July cookout last year.

No shirt needed as the Pittsburgh rapper shows off his bird tatted chest and look of come hither. Werk Wiz! What’s your verdict on his style?

Here’s what the kids around the cafeteria table on our Facebook page have to say:

“If Rick James and Eddie King Jr’s sperm could become one and that said sperm was then to fertilize an egg in Macy Greys womb. Okay I get the album cover concept now.” – ChiAnn

Amber Rose Goes Back To School

“He looks like the Cheetos mascot at a pride parade. I guess, Wiz.” — Kevin

“If this what money and fame gonna make me I prefer to be unknown.” — Jahwayne

“He is sooooooo cute, looking like a modern day Jimi Hendrix.” — Akasha

“Hate all you want. This man got more money than all of us. I wouldn’t rock this outfit but Wiz can and he does.” — Ladron

“He’s giving me Apollo Creed meets Cowboy Curtis tease.” — Danielle

“Right smack in the middle of a identity crisis!” — Daisha

Flashback: Roll Up! Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Head To Dinner

| post by Lita [@LitaSoFli]

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  • Chin

    I dont know I have thing for full upper body tattoos

  • Chin

    I dont know I have thing for full upper body tattoos

  • Chin

    I dont know I have thing for full upper body tattoos

  • Baby D

    I kinda like it

  • bohemia

    Is this his Cruella DeVille “swag”?

  • Micron

    PICK ONE! This nigga tryna be Prince, The Gap Band, Cameo, Jimi Hendrix, The Isley Brothers, Zapp, Rose Royce, and Roger all at the same time.



  • Holliday Vann

    Dressed up roadkill?  Resuscitated roadkill?

  • DLivingston

    I know I’m in the minority but I’ll say it anyway.  Except for the tat tee, that’s the best he’s ever looked as far being dateable/f*ckable.  In everything else, he looks dirty and/or malnourished.

    • Ron-he

      No, he still looks dirty and malnourished, just this time there’s better lighting.

  • AlWell

    I think I’m in the minority but I like the cover. I would rock the jacket and pants but not together. 

  • peppermint

    dont he wish he was Jimi in another life.


  • Mook
  • Dutch Apple Pie

    Did somebody tell the Hendrix biopic has been cast? 

    • Mook

      with somebody who’s actually talented no less…


    I love the fragrance of fresh lemon zest! I want amber to lose weight. She getting big. She ain’t black and all but I need her to be the black mans fantasy OVER Kim kardashian… Like I NEED Her hood rat ass to take her crown back from Kim k’s body by minaj shaped ass. I can’t stand her. AMBER GET IT TOGETHER.


      As fair as she is, Amber is still black. Therefore she’ll never be the Black Man’s fantasy. But yeah, Mean Ol’ Lion keepin’ her well-fed for sure.

      <strike>Shole is mine, tho.</strike>

    • Read A Book

      Last time I checked Cape Verde was in Sub-saharan Africa and this people are in fact Black.


        Ok but there are white people in Africa my bad… . And ambers is whatever she is. I don’t care. I just know I like her more than Kim bobble butt, closet racist ass

    • Read A Book

      Last time I checked Cape Verde was in Sub-saharan Africa and this people are in fact Black.

    • Read A Book

      Last time I checked Cape Verde was in Sub-saharan Africa and this people are in fact Black.

    • DLivingston

      Her moms is the splitting image of Pam Grier (think Jackie Brown in the 90s), even though her pops looks like Freddie Prinze (RIP) , she black.

      • Kai

        Cape Verdians (sp) are like Brazilians and IMO-they come in a huge spectrum from not black at all to black. Or like some Latinos if you will. DNA wise I doubt she’s even 50% negro.

  • tc

    I guess this means there are only 99 Dalmations left now…..

    • Char_den

      He looks like a funky chicken.

  • Ninja Please

    He looks like he smells like black n milds and cool water cologne.

  • deezy

    Looks like somebody been mixing that yt gurl wit his cali dro

  • Steebie

    “Continue Reading>>” THE.IRONY.

  • Lady Tee

    *Peter Griffin sigh*  iGot nuttin….

  • teerific

    im feeling the look. hes gvg a jimmy hendriks vibe. sexy n my eyes -_-

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  • Kai

    These two are like two wrongs make a right.

  • <- your jheri curl activist effing up pillows since 1981

    Hey wiz 2 people called grace jones called and said wants her jacket back, and jimi hendrix called….. and said f$%& it keep the pants. 

  • Char_den

    I dont know which is worse, the fur or his tatted up skin. SMH!