Why Not? Beyonce To Drop New Documentary

beyonce atl Why Not? Beyonce To Drop New Documentary

King Bey is determined to show you that stretching her soft pink matter in order to pop out a baby has not slowed her work ethic.

Reportedly, she will soon debut a documentary she produced, directed, edited in Final Cut Pro after borrowing some “inspiration” from YouTube,  worked as a key grip on when Solange called out – well, you know how this works.

She has breastfed in the backseat of that ‘bach, traveled around the world with her man and his bad bitch best friend for their Watch The Throne tour, and shut shit down in Atlantic City. Packaging a gift for the stans? Small thing to a giant.

The feature is being described as “a mix of music and personal study, blending concert footage with confessional interviews.” In other words, an intimate look at the creole dynasty. I hope she included a clip of her getting those box braids put in while smacking on pickle.

Twenty minutes of the documentary has been shopped to distributors and knowing the creole brand will be picked up shortly. Are you ready?

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