Watch This: K. Michelle Comes For Toya Wright’s Louisiana Purchase Card

toya1 Watch This: K. Michelle Comes For Toya Wrights Louisiana Purchase Card

Always the lady, ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ hoodrat lounge singer K. Michelle has refrained from making disparaging comments about Toya Wright in the media* despite all the shade throwing — until now.

*Don’t come for my MacBook Pro, that’s what your fancy cousins call Sister 2 Sister magazine and blogs like the one you are visiting right now these days. I just run with it.

Here’s the gold via Rhymes With Snitch:

On a recent panel discussion blogger Miss Drama asked K Michelle about the drama between her and Memphiz and it morphed into a discussion about how Memphitz’ wife Toya needs to shut the fcuk up.

K. Michelle explains,

“I just got on the show basically to tell my story. I had been telling it. It wasn’t something that I just started to tell when the show came on. It’s just that they just started giving a fuck. I’ve been saying help me for a long ass time. And didn’t nobody care what I been through. So now all of a sudden it’s like wow, she’s doing this for the show.”

“I tried to do it the right way. I didn’t say any names. And even when people rebuttaled and did things to me, I still tried to keep it pimping. But Ima tell you one thing…if you wasn’t in that room, you need to shut the fuck up. And Ima tell you one more thing…if I don’t come at you, then you don’t come for me because my story is my story. So, I don’t care if that’s your husband or not because at the end of the day, you look dick drunk. That’s what you look…dick drunk.”

“You need to be quiet because ain’t nobody came for you. I let you be a woman, I let you do what you needed to do as a woman. I’m happy about your hair, your books. We all need to stick together as women. But what you won’t do…you can be ride or die for your man but don’t be riding for a cause that you don’t know shit about.”