Cuba Gooding Jr. To Female Bartender: Don’t Shake Unless You Ready To Get Shook

cuba1 Cuba Gooding Jr. To Female Bartender: Dont Shake Unless You Ready To Get Shook

Here’s something for you to hurl shade at as if it were a dart board:  The Los Angeles Times reports that a lawyer for Cuba Gooding Jr. says the actor is “taking necessary actions” after the Academy Award winner allegedly shoved a bartender at the old Absinthe House on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter early Tuesday morning.

Couldn’t have been Sissy Nobby! Tre  Styles would’ve been laid out like a Holy Ghost party.

Police say your boy entered the bar with a group of friends, and after a few minutes, other patrons recognized him and asked him to take photos with them.

Instead of practicing what should be the standard behavior of all Hollywood figures teetering on the edge of irrelevancy by happily obliging his adoring public he became aggravated.

The bartender approached him and asked him to calm down and that’s when the 44-year-old actor allegedly shoved her. As one of her coworkers called 911, Gooding and his friends decided to leave — but not before allegedly pushing the bartender again on his way out.

No more Gunplay for you, sir. Gooding is in the Crescent City shooting a film called ‘The Butler’ with Oprah Winfrey.