Making The Video: ‘Enough Of No Love’ With Keyshia Cole

keyshia stage Making The Video: Enough Of No Love With Keyshia Cole

To ramp up anticipation for her full “Enough of No Love” music video set to debut in the upcoming days, Keyshia Cole has dropped a behind the scenes clip.

Say what you will about KeyLoLo but she will forever have a place in our hearts that will only be replaced by unlimited monthly food stamps. All of our bucket lists include sitting on the front porch drinking an ice cold Four Loko while she gets her sew-in taking out but we will save more details on that for another time.

Get into Frankie’s golden goose hitting serving Halle Berry in ‘Gothika’ acting  skills and Mary J. Blige’s “Real Love” below.

Maybe if we create an online petition we can get Frankie to hit her signature dance move in Keyshia’s next video.