Reality Rewind: Stevie J Admits He’s A Liar And Reveals Why He Cheated

mimi steevie Reality Rewind: Stevie J Admits He’s A Liar And Reveals Why He Cheated

‘Love & Cigarillo: Atlanta’ recap time!

Last night the producers demanded we pay attention to Karlie Redd’s strut. Why does it look like she ran out of pads and she borrowed a tampon from somebody? Ol’ girl ain’t used to something strong sitting up in her cat like that.

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Karlie also received a free reading from Benzino about the Celsius and Fahrenheit variations of her music career: “If you want to let them guide your life and everything got to be hot n’ cold or whatever, they need to get you a hit motherfucking record. It’s not like you so motherfucking hot yourself either.”

The bread and butter of this week’s episode is the therapy session between Stevie J and Mimi Faust.

After wooing her with an original song in his best Jodeci get up, Stevie confessed to Mimi and Dr. Jeff Gardere that he is a liar. Stevie also revealed he hasn’t seen his mom since he was eight months old. But what you didn’t see is Stevie J reveal why he cheated.

Watch the extended therapy session and leave your thoughts about this week’s episode in the comments!





‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Invades The Big Apple

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  • K. Chambre

    Benzino was saying Carli’s MANAGER is the one who wasn’t so hot. I think ppl as well as her got offended and theought he was talking about her. He ADORES her, but he’s saying her manager who is judging who’s hot and who’s cold…he ain’t so hot himself! That’s what Benzino was saying.

    NOTE TO THE LADIES….never do what Carli did, bring up some crap when a man is opening his heart to you IN THE BED no less. Sometimes you gotta live in the moment. Carli should have kept that conversation with her manager under her hat, right after she put that manager in place for overstepping his boundaries and not handling the business at hand. 

  • omshugness

    Stebie is studying that tittie in pic 2, dayum!!  I did feel a moment of compassion for him when talking about his momma.  He has an obsessive need to feel wanted by women. He needs a ton of therapy all by himself for that issue.

  • peppermint

    so none of us gonna discuss the tragic cat weave that hissed on top of shay’s head? and how she kept trying to pet it back into place during the billiards scene with lil can’t move lips??? looking at that thing gave me the itchies for a good hour.

    • West913

      “lil can’t move lips”  LMAO!!

  • moo-riah
  • from st ides commercials to coors light you think ice cube is trying to cut down?

    lil scrappy is the poor man’s lil webbie

    • peppermint

      lil scrappy twerks me out with his inability to move his upper lip when he talks. like he a victim of a stroke or something.

  • bohemia

    I do admit,imho,this is the most feminine she looked…Those  hormone shot must be doing their magic…..
    and…..Scrappy…going for The Yoo Hoo Pimp look?
    As far as Steebie is concern….makes sense now….I feel somewhat sorry for him but still….

  • Rasha

    It’s getting harder to comment when some of these folks are walking jokes themselves.Still don’t know why this show is titled “love and hip hop”. I see none of the 2 on the show.

    • Moosefan05

      Hasn’t Atlanta been through enough?

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  • deezy

    Translation “You don’t wanna fuck me after this baby so I went and fucked all the bitches that work for me, don’t work for me, basically anything with a pussy/bussy/inbetween.”

  • Micron

    Kneegrow please.

    You probably fucked Joseline up and down and all around after the therapy session. And he fucked you back.

  • kinkythought

    “Who puts their iPhone in the shower?”
    “A Jamaican girl.”


  • @SpicyOriginal

    “this is a frickin azz mess” lol smh

  • Mook

    Jose(line) really wants to show off her fake tittays, don’t (s)he?

    • peppermint

      he must’ve upgraded because his titties look larger in them pictures.

    • Rasha

      Her body is tragic to me.

    • Brittany Jackson

      Am I the only one who thinks that she looks like a broke down ChiChi Rodriguez from To Wong Fu? I can’t be the only one….

      • Mook

        you aren’t the only one. 

      • peppermint

        nope, that’s well covered territory.