Beyonce’s 4 Easy Steps To Prevent Music Leaks

beyonce phone1 Beyonce’s 4 Easy Steps To Prevent Music Leaks

Ready for another lesson from the Memoirs of a Creole?

While the Bey Hive awaits the cryptic date of August 19th to shit on Barbz, Katy Kats, Little Monsters, and everything in between, industry insider Conor Maynard has released these four steps to prevent music leaks.

Why are these steps relevant? The Queen uses them. Oh, and feel free to forward these to your fave, especially Ciara.

With Beyonce, I heard that with her people they’ll make sure that there’s no-one in the studio. They go into the studio [and] wipe it, set up one new session for her to record. Once she’s finished recording they move it onto a hard drive. They wipe the studio computer again and then leave.

There are some artists like Drake who leaks his own stuff to start a hype, a buzz. He’ll leak tracks that aren’t going to be used on the album. So people pay for it because they haven’t heard it yet.

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