Lil’ Scrappy On Being Depicted As A Deadbeat Dad: ‘Yean Gne Slander Me’

scrap erica Lil Scrappy On Being Depicted As A Deadbeat Dad: Yean Gne Slander Me

The asthmatic Prince of the South Kroger’s parking lot has a bone to pick with the producers of ‘Love & Cigarillos: Ratchetlanta’ and his baby mama Erica Dixon.

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Scrappy Doo, who will undoubtedly go down in the history books for being the first rapper on a reality television to hire a car service to provide transportation to an ass whooping, took to his Twitter account to weigh-in on looking the  deadbeat fool on this week’s episode — and he didn’t even need Momma Dee’s signature for a permission slip.

“I know y’all feel one way but I feel another u don’t know wut go on behind the cam,” Scrappy vented. “Man just for that lying an actin on #LHHATL again I’m def gone drop the bomb on the reunion about this. I done always took care of mine.”

“We turnt up but just kn(o)w every action has a reaction, y’all r just catchin my reaction to some that happen that u didn’t c but fuck it,” he continued. “Aint nobody walkinn out squeeky baby an(d) I can’t wait til yall knw, yean gne slander me like I aint been the one providing.”

All this slave talk after dark is making me hot. How about you? Scrappy went on to say that he and Erica had an agreement in place to keep “them folks” out of his business.

“1rst off we had an agreement so I dnt have them folks n my business not cus I wasn’t takin care of them but belee wut u want,” wrote Scrappy.

“Belee wut u want” is definitely a new category contender for C+D.

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