People You Should Be Paying Homage To: The Real Rap Wives of Birmingham

Finally, a reality show capable of asking all the hard hitting questions of hood life with a straight face. Like, “Can I have your cigarette short?” and “Is my track showing?” Read on as friend to the site @Youngsinick summarizes this mess than I ever could.

The Real Rap Wives of Birmingham follows in the tradition of similar would be reality shows profiled on here like The Real Inmate Wives of Baltimore and Big Yo’s Lesbian Housewives. They just want to be famous for fighting and fornicating, too, y’all.

According to the YouTube description for part one of The Real Rap Wives of Birmingham, “Mogul” Nina Labelle – no relation to Patti, Patti, I presume – is trying to settle the beef between the Queen of Trill and Ms. Mercy. In other words, Susie is trying to bring Jen and Evelyn back together but we all know her messy ass won’t do anything but stir up more trouble. That’s why nobody likes her ass now.

Who are these people I’m talking about? The hell if I know, although the video description goes on to note that Queen Trill and Lord, Have Mercy On Their Names are “two woman [editor's note: yes, woman] are brilliant and talented music artists and models.” Of course they are.

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  • Mick Mick

    Bebe t-shirts?  REALLY?

  • Mick Mick

    Bebe t-shirts?  REALLY?

  • lex

    REALLY… ARBOR MIST and PLASTIC PLATES…… black people we have to do better… smgdh…

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  • Deanna

    I wanted, with everything in my heart, for this to be a creative satire on the exploitation of our people – and to really fight the ratchet that be. At the 1:05 mark when I started to see they were DEAD serious – I shed a true tear. Thanks Fresh :(

  • brandy nunya

    First of all them CitiTrend models need to keep themselves and that broke a$$ 300 in they damn lane. Black folks need to stop this ish. When yall are running foundations and attending charity events with donations of at least $3500.00, then and only then can ya’ll begin to contemplate a show like this. By the way it is S-O-U-T-H-S-I-D-E, dummy!

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  • Ambrosia Jones

    Yo, I hate when stuff becomes a topic of subject.

  • Francis Jones

    Is that a tat or a large bruise?

  • Hostal

    Bitch! Are they drinking Arbor Mist? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • Hostal

    Bitch! Are they drinking Arbor Mist? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • Hostal

    Bitch! Are they drinking Arbor Mist? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • LH

    Mini Mansion???? Why does the background inside look like I’m at a wake and bout to go repast?? LOL! #icant

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  • Dee


  • Cwalkin

    LMAO at the “twist-top” wine….smh

  • NathalyJC

    did she say i want to do “no bullshit business”! girl bye….

  • brandonjaye

    Why do they sounds like the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon to me?

    • Mook

  • Kay

    I felt like I was suppose to be sipping malt liquor thru a straw & snacking on pork skins, while watching this….

  • Kay

    That Coogie unit gave me so much life…I cant right now….

  • Dutch Apple Pie

    So many fashion and good sense crimes being commited in this video

  • Mz.

    Im already disappointed in two things with the scene in the park:

    1) Nobody was eating and spitting sunflower seeds.
    2) No shots rang out. Nobody got down. Nobody ran. *yawn*

    This show is fake and Im not watching.

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  • fee…

    the sad thing is…in the right hands..this could be a good parody that could really take off…but they are dead ass serious…tragic…

  • delvin

    what the hell did i just watch?

  • peppermint