Music Notes: Aretha Franklin Wants To Judge ‘American Idol’ With Patti LaBelle

patti aretha1 Music Notes: Aretha Franklin Wants To Judge American Idol With Patti LaBelle

One can only imagine the shade these two divas would throw at each other on national television every Wednesday and Thursday night.

Aretha Franklin reportedly told CNN she would be interested in joining the FOX’s hit show American Idol. The Queen of Soul also said she would love to be a judge with her “sidestickPatti LaBelle.

It was announced days ago that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler wouldn’t be returning next season. It is still up in the air if resident judge Randy Jackson will be around as well. The FOX network has yet to deny or confirm Franklin’s chances of being on the show, but what do you think?

The rumored feud between the two icons has been around for years even though Franklin and LaBelle have claimed to be friendly towards each other. Could the music legends and Queens of Shade get ratings for American Idol? If so, let’s stop and picture all of the new possibilities for the next season of Got2BReal.

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