Stay Mad: Rapper Hazel-E Has Slept With Most Of Your Faves

hazele1 Stay Mad: Rapper Hazel E Has Slept With Most Of Your Faves

Despite the shade that is often thrown around on this site about what women, including Queen Latifah, do behind the closed doors of their bedrooms and sleazy hotel rooms for the weekend, let the record indicate that in this house I believe that what a woman does with her vagina, or strap-on, is her business.

If you want to go and sleep with as many men as you can within a 24-hour time span and allow their semen to marinate inside your panties like Kobe Bryant’s accuser that’s your God given right.

Now that I have made sure I didn’t offend any hoes sugar babies, allow me to add this minor detail: Just recognize that you are opening yourself for shade. If you’re cool with that, you’re cool with me! Let’s play Words With Friends.

But first, let’s bypass this awkward item. Aspiring rapper Hazel-E has a story to tell.

For the sake of the hip-hop culture I say aspiring rapper because I can’t categorize what she does as rhyming but I applaud her efforts. But I digress.

I’m far from an industry professional but me no think it would be wise to allow Hazel-E to participate in this type of interview this early in her career, especially since it will serve as her first formal introduction to audiences in most cases. Shame on her publicist. Teairra Mari should know better.

hazel2 Stay Mad: Rapper Hazel E Has Slept With Most Of Your Faves

Now I’m not going to look at her crazy for passing that ass around (it’s the God in me) but I know 99% of you will say “There goes that hoe that slept with Trey Songz” whenever she pops up somewhere.

That’s her problem though. Here’s the scoop via The YBF:

Rapper Hazel E–who has been tryng to make her career happen since 2010–has moved on from asking folks to post her to music to revealing deets of the industry. She recently gave an interview where she gave up some dishy behind the scenes info on some big stars.

She revealed that she slept with Trey Songz and said “He’s so much fun” in bed.

She also messed with Trina’s boo, OKC baller James Harden. In a flirty way, she said “He goes hard” in the bedroom and added that James “Got down to work.”

When it came to “attitude” she said Cee-Lo and Eva Marcille were both big divas. It was also revealed that she saw Twista getting high.

She then blasted Natalie Nunn as a deadbeat who didn’t pay her bill. She also said her former roommate Melyssa Ford is a “user” who messes with dudes for their money. She thinks that is why she is with Flo Rida.

Why would she be giving all this info so willy nilly? We don’t know for sure, but we do know she’s been sending around her music asking sites to post it. And maybe this will give some an incentive to.