Quick Quotes: Jimmie Walker, Jamie Foxx, and Meek Mill

jimmie walker Quick Quotes: Jimmie Walker, Jamie Foxx, and Meek Mill

Jimmie ‘J.J.’ Walker Explains Idiocy of His Own Anti-Gay Marriage Stance

“There’s just certain traditions that need to be upheld. I’ll give you the other side of it, no it doesn’t affect me, no it doesn’t change my life. There’s just traditions that need to be dealt with. I’m a believer that gay marriage should be passed because the battle is not worth the war. The gay lobby is very loud. I’m totally against it.”

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“In 100 years from now, people are going to go, ‘Who was against gay marriage?’ And I’ll be one of those idiots and say, ‘That’s me.’ I’m just against it on moral grounds, that’s it. I’m as much a heathen as anybody. I just don’t believe on moral grounds it should be done. I don’t like it, I don’t accept it.” (Gawker)

Jamie Foxx: Frank Ocean Is ‘Courageous’

“Elton John did it. For Frank Ocean to do it and be hip-hop and black, he’s breaking ground, and kudos to him. At the end of the day, his music is for everybody,” Foxx told MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz before breaking into a bit of comedy.

“Now when I put his music on, I am trying to get at the ladies. Frank, you helping me out. You done left more for me, Frank,” he said jokingly.

“When I heard that he came out, I thought, ‘Courageous, hooray for him,’ ” Foxx continued. “It’s just the beginning. I have several friends who live in darkness and live in fear, and it’s just time. (MTV)

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Meek Mill Apologizes For “Amen” Controversy On 106 & Park

“People find all types of stuff offensive,” Meek (born Robert Williams) told hosts Rocsi Diaz and Terrence J. “I don’t think no preacher or no church approve of any type of rap music, because rap music, period, is a lot of bad stuff said. But at the end of the day, it’s real life.

“And me, I wasn’t trying to disrespect no religion or anything like that,” he added. “My whole family is Christian. I have a half Christian, half Muslim family. The situation, the song, that’s what energy it felt. And if anybody feel disrespected, I ain’t do it in that way and I ain’t drop the song with bad intentions. I did it just because it was a good feeling — that’s the feeling it gave me so I said, ‘Amen, church.’” (MTV)