Tameka “Tiny” Harris: Birthday Celebration With Friends And Family!

tiny1 Tameka Tiny Harris: Birthday Celebration With Friends And Family!

With each passing day my love and dedication for Tameka “Tiny” Harris grows stronger by just logging onto my Twitter account. I have had the same background of her seductively eating a slice of cake for going on four years and I refuse to change it.

I got that Bobby Womack love deep on the inside. That’s the way I feel about cha, Tameka.

The “No Scrubs” co-writer (don’t make me run her discography!) celebrated another year of Team Redbone greatness surrounded by friends and family last night with an intimate dinner. The loved ones were many, and the Four Loko was plenty.

Joining Tiny for her special night: mother Dianne Cottle-Pope, Polow Da Don, Jazze Pha, Steebie J’s personal chauffeur Mimi Faust, friend to the site Summer Walker and of course T.I. and the kiddies.

Before anybody ever petitioned for Joseline Hernandez subtitles Tiny stole the hearts of million with her special brand of pig latin. Hoes will pay homage in my house today.

Check out 15+ flicks from the party below!

| photos courtesy of Freddy O