Snapshots! Jennifer Hudson Performs At Taste of Chicago

chicago1 Snapshots! Jennifer Hudson Performs At Taste of Chicago

This week, the Taste of Chicago returned for its 32nd annual appearance, only this year organizers trimmed down the 10-day food festival to a lean 5 days. Last year’s festival saw its lowest attendance in 25 years and many of the vendors lost money in the endeavor. Lending her star power to the event, hometown sweetheart Jennifer Hudson performed for an eager crowd assembled at Grant Park.

chicago2 Snapshots! Jennifer Hudson Performs At Taste of Chicago

The queen of Weight Watchers flaunted her 80-pound weight loss working the stage in a leather top, leopard booty baring short shorts, black sheer tights and Jodeci-approved combat boots.

chicago3 Snapshots! Jennifer Hudson Performs At Taste of Chicago

Do you think she made the outfit work well or should she have left it in the closet?

| post by Lita [@LitaSoFli]

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  • C’Lene

    I will need for her to get a stylist, a choreographer, better lyricists and musicians to jumpstart this sagging career. I swear if I see her at one more festival, grocery store opening or on another cheesy commercial with bad weaves and outfits, I will have to assume she is just trying to make the past due payments on the rent and not actually trying to build a legitimate entertainment career. Really Jenny? The Three Stooges, Weight Watchers and the Chicago Food Festival?

    • Kai

      Yes, I mean she won a well deserved Oscar and can sing. I know the industry is rough but it’s like an amateur is managing her career.

      • Christian Demeritt

        well-deserved? eh…

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  • omshugness

    Just cause you’re small doesn’t mean you should wear any gotdayum thing.  Mariah Carey does the same thing.

    • Rasha

      A lot of new skinny folks do that. Forget all logic

      • C’Lene

        Yep! Chaka walking around looking like a sausage stuffed in way too smedium outfits talking about how slim she is now that she lost all the weight.

  • Mook

    I was gonna go this, but hen I don’t wanna be stuck in rush hour cabbin’ it back to the train station.  
    is it any coincidence that Rahm Emanuel introduced her? his brother Ari is her manager. hmmm…  
    and the Chicago Tribune blasted her saying that she should’ve said something about the murders of her family. The media is pouncin’ on her to do that but they know she never will. 

    • Ann

      What did media want her to say? “I feel your pain over the recent uptic in murders in Chicago”?

      • Rasha

        Who would want to sit and discuss something so horrible?

  • SMDH

    Do I see ash on dem elbows?

  • Dutch Apple Pie

    Not even closet but on the rack at the store. Leave that mess for hoodrats at the club

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