Yes, You Care: Steve Harvey Is Coming To The World of Daytime Television

steve harvey1 Yes, You Care: Steve Harvey Is Coming To The World of Daytime Television

Move over Wendy Williams, ladies of The View, and all those other talk shows we never have a chance to watch because we have day jobs. Steve Harvey is peaking his head into the game.

“There’s not a lot of male viewpoint on daytime TV,” Mr. Hightower tells the Chicago Sun-Times.

“I’ve got kids. I have a wife. I think that’s a unique perspective. Above all else, there’s nobody in daytime TV that can beat me at the funny thing – except Ellen DeGeneres. She’s my girl. I love her. Other than Ellen, I think I’m the guy who’s gonna put more funny on television.”

The syndicated,one-hour show will begin filming soon in NBC Studios in Chicago and air weekdays starting on September 4th.

When asked about which celebrities will be stopping by Steve responded: “This show is going to be “real people” driven. I’ve been hosting Family Feud for almost 400 episodes. Not one single family has canceled. Celebrities cancel all the time. I found that dealing with everyday people — they have a lot more interesting stories. Celebrities don’t come on TV to be very open about anything. They come on to promote stuff. I want a show that’s going to inspire people and uplift people. It’s going to be a very positive show with a male perspective to it. I’ve made myself a champion for women for a lot of years now, and I think that will come through on the TV show.”

Will you be watching Steve Harvey this fall?

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