Watch This: Joseline Hernandez Drops 5 Fast Facts With Prettier Than Perez

joseline hernandez1 Watch This: Joseline Hernandez Drops 5 Fast Facts With Prettier Than Perez
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Joseline Hernandez from ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ dropping knowledge on you lessor girls!

While chatting it up with Victor from Prettier Than Perez the reality star had a lot to say. So, to break things down, he asked for five positive things that people don’t really know about her.

No, Joseline doesn’t know why Stevie J was walking around with her pregnancy test in his pocket, why people thinks she is a man, nor does she speak about Karlie Redd‘s deflated butt cheek.

But, one of the facts does include walking around looking like a bag of money. Get your life (in no particular order).

- I’ve always took care of my family and my loved ones. I’ve never done anything just for Joseline Hernandez  . . . doing fast things that a child shouldn’t do for money to help my family. A lot of people don’t see it like that.

- I’ve had guys give me a lot of money in purses, Rolex watches, and the Christian Louboutins. Even though they hurt my feet I take them and I wore them. But, you know, I have friends. And I ‘m always like ‘Here everyone! Everybody can have this!’ because you know why because I like to help everybody out. I’m going to be the same person whether I have a dollar or $100,000. I’ve had $100,000 cash.

- I’m a woman trapped in a little girls’ body because I’ve never really had a childhood.

- I have dreams. What the fuck you want me to just strip forever? I want to make a billion dollars! You don’t believe it? You don’t understand my dreams and what I see? Pssh! Then I really don’t want to talk to you. Good bye! You can be a hater.

- I’m Spanish. I’m just hood. What’s wrong with that? I’m still a lady but I can get gutter. I’m 100% Puerto Rican.

‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ airs Mondays on Vh1 at 8pm Eastern time.

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