Girl, You Don’t Say: Joseline Hernandez Explains Her Deep Feelings For Stevie J

jk Girl, You Dont Say: Joseline Hernandez Explains Her Deep Feelings For Stevie J

Joseline Hernandez, the beautiful creature with a tuck game every ‘RuPaul’s Drag U’ student should strive toward, sat down recently to talk about her pretend music career, being the man in her relationship with Stevie J and some other hoe tales you’ll probably enjoy if you’re a fan of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.’

What made you decide to quit being an exotic dancer? How long did you dance?

I stopped dancing when I met Stevie about 6 months ago. I started at a young age, when I was 16 . . . on and off ’till I was 24. Of course I had a boyfriend and I stopped for a few years so it was and on and off a little while.  I raised myself since I was 13 in Miami.

What made you decide to do ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’?

It was something that I could do that could help me see myself different. [That makes a shit load of sense. -- Fresh] Somebody can tell you how you act, what you do wrong, but when you look at yourself doing it its like “Oh wow, I can change here, I can change that.” It was therapeutic, like therapy for me.

Were you interested in pursuing a career in hip hop prior to meeting Stevie?

I always wanted to be an artist since I was a little girl. I always loved to sing and I loved to dance and stuff like that. And when I met him [Stevie J], before I met [him], I wanted to be an artist . . . But when you’re making fast money in the streets, you don’t really think about your future and your life . . . so he was just the one who really helped me and change to the way I was thinking, “You can do something different right now, you don’t have to wait, the money is gonna come.”

Why do you feel like you owe Stevie so much?

I am loyal to Stevie and I do owe him. He’s done a lot for me; he’s changed my life. I mean I’m just a real person; he changed my life . . . If it was not for Stevie, I would still be in the strip club and the reason why is because I was not ready to leave. Even though I know I have talent and even though I’m beautiful and I could do what I wanted to,  I wasn’t about to stop doing that because I was making so much money. When you’re making $2,ooo to $3,ooo a night and you’re 23, 24 years old, you don’t wanna stop doing that–just to try [and] make it in this industry that is so hard to do.  So I owe him a lot. Whether or not Stevie and I work out, or anything. I’m still gonna be his first forever, and still gonna owe him everything because that’s just how I am. I feel that way.

jose1 Girl, You Dont Say: Joseline Hernandez Explains Her Deep Feelings For Stevie J

What’s your REAL relationship status with Stevie?

He’s my manager. You have to stay tuned to watch the show if you want to know that answer.

Are you comfortable with your image as a “side chick” on the show?

Well they can say what they wanna say if they think I’m Stevie’s side chick. It doesn’t matter to me what people say about me. I’m a single woman I do what I want. I do what I please, whenever I wanna do it. And, they can talk about what they want to say about Joseline Hernandez. I’m gonna be here, and forever is here, so get prepared to see me for the next 30 years. As far as Stevie goes, people can think what they wanna think, but I’m not doing anything for just Stevie, I’m doing this for Joseline. Stevie is gonna be there regardless, but that’s what it is.

Survey says! Bitch you sound dumb.

| interview via The Jasmine Brand