Mindless Bebe’s Kids Apologize For Lauryn Hill Joke At BET Awards ’12

Image15 Mindless Bebes Kids Apologize For Lauryn Hill Joke At BET Awards 12

Ray Ray and the other junior thin mints of Mindless Behavior called into 106 & Porch on Monday (June 2) to apologize for their joke at the expense of Lauryn Hill‘s current tax woes while co-presenting the award for Best Female R&B Artists with Mike Epps at the BET Awards ’12.

bey awards Mindless Bebes Kids Apologize For Lauryn Hill Joke At BET Awards 12

“You sing bad — like Lauryn Hill’s tax accountant bad,” one of Bebe’s Kids quipped to Mike Epps poking fun at the comedian’s singing.

And then, crickets.

“I want to apologize about the Lauryn Hill joke.  I didn’t mean no harm by it. I hope everyone can forgive me. It was like a big thing on Twitter and everything, so I truly apologize. I respect Lauryn Hill and all of them like that,” said Ray Ray the following day in the group’s phone call to the countdown show.

“All of them like that.” Chile, let me leave that one alone. Here’s my two cents: More than likely someone else — specifically an adult hired by BET to write scripts for presenters – is to blame for that tacky ass joke. But I could be wrong. You know kids are ratchet as shit these days.

Still, I’m assuming their manager gave the joke the greenlight. Too many questions, comments and concerns. All I want to know is this: are we officially hiding behind kids now? I’ve got a lot of mess that I would like to get off my chest if that’s the case.

A source tells TMZ that Beyonce, who ultimately won the award, was pissed over the comments.

According to the insider, when King Bey walked off stage, there was a woman waiting for her — possibly a BET handler — that she vented to about the insult, saying the L. Boogie diss was “disrespectful” and “not cool.”