YouTube Clip of The Month: Beauty and The Beat!

belle2 YouTube Clip of The Month: Beauty and The Beat!

From the creative mind of onetime ‘American Idol’ contestant Todrick Hall, watch as “Belle” embarks on a quest to rid her world of the hood mentality that has been advertised in DJ Khaled’s videos for the past five years. And let the laughter begin.

With the sun shining on her brunette locks, Belle walks out of her cozy cottage to smell the flowers and begin her day. Then the rachet business begins. Her neighborhood is full of drug dealers, ba’y moms, crack fiends, chicanos — and well, niggas — along with plenty other urban varieties.

belle3 YouTube Clip of The Month: Beauty and The Beat!

Belle proceeds in skipping to the weave shop to get her hair did in an updo with some finger waves and micro braids, all the while thinking that there has to be more out there than her hoodrat life.

belle1 YouTube Clip of The Month: Beauty and The Beat!

The ghetto just ain’t got no time for bougie girls in lacefronts. But people just be jealous. Enters Jerome to ruin her credit and make her age faster than what is already expected from years of tanning.

Check out the video below and peep names like “La’Washa” and “La’Drya.” Y’all know it’s at least 3 Bllack people running around somewhere with those names.

Hall — also responsible for assembling the Target flash mob to Beyonce’s “End Of Time” — employed the help of some famous Black YouTubers like Glozell, D Storm, Miles Jai, Antoine Donson (yes, Donson. Poor boy had his name spelled wrong in the credits. If that’s not shade …) and even Sweet Brown makes a surprise appearance.

Oh, and Beyonce needs to rescind on Todrick’s thank you video after his shade to Blue Ivy. I’m telling like shit.

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