Tweets Is Watching: ‘Basketball Wives LA’ Draya Michelle Puts Shaunie O’Neal’s Boyfriend On Blast

marlon 1 Tweets Is Watching: Basketball Wives LA Draya Michelle Puts Shaunie ONeals Boyfriend On Blast

Shaunie O’Neal may want to hit up Big Lot’s parking lot and cop Khia’s latest album when it drops because it looks as if her current boo Marlon Yates is paying his pussy bill to someone else. Read the details inside!

Shaunie And Boyfriend Marlon Wait It Out At The Airport

Popular Critic – Marlon and Draya Michele were having an “interesting” conversation on Twitter via DM, which she may havenknowingly tweeted and Draya was letting Marlon know that she was “mad” about something. What is even more interesting is that Marlon has deleted the tweets which seems real suspect. Check out the conversation below:

“@MarlonYatesJr lol. No I’m chillin. Impatient if anything. Never mad.”

“@MarlonYatesJr marlon I’m confused. What am I mad about?”

Marlon responds, “I Love My Woman…..”

Draya closed displaying her sense of humor, “RT @MarlonYatesJr: I Love My Woman….#thingsamansays”


Chile, while this may be a ploy to bring attention back to the ‘Basketball Wives’ franchise since the Emmy gold that is ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ has snatched their spotlight.

We’re highly doubtful that Shaunie will allow cameras to capture her follow-up convo with Marlon on this public slip up but we’re sure her rooster haircut and permanently flared nostrils read his ass for filth in private.