Evelyn Lozada On Cheating: A Man Is Going To Do What He Wants To Do

derek j ev Evelyn Lozada On Cheating: A Man Is Going To Do What He Wants To Do

Evelyn Lozada, pictured with the always flawless Derek J, didn’t skimp out on the details of her sex life during her time in the hot seat at Kandi Koated Nights last week.

The ‘Basketball Wives’ feisty Latina revealed that although she has tossed a salad or two back in her day in order to skip line at the club (okay I made up the last part but it’s probably not that far from the truth), future husband Chad Ochocinco isn’t a fan of the sex act.

When did his boogina become off limits all of the sudden? Call Terrell Owens for the Lipton.

When asked about her concerns on Chad remaining faithful, she told host Kandi Burruss that a man is going to cheat if he wants to, regardless of what his woman may try to do: “I care. I’m not going to say that I don’t care, but I’m not going to stress myself to a point that I’m trying to do everything to stop him.”

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“Listen, if you want to go and fuck then whatever, like I’m 36. I’m not trying to stress about that shit, she expressed. “It is what it is and I truly feel like a man is going to do what he wants to do no matter what you do.”

Do you agree with Ev’s point of view? Get more details on her adventures in anal sex, whether she spits or swallows and if she and Chad have ever had a threesome on Necole Bitchie.

Check out pictures of Kandi, Evelyn, Derek J and ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ female mack Momma Dee on set at the sexually charged late night talk show below courtesy of photographer Freddy O.