Style Jury: Tracee Ellis Ross

tracy1 Style Jury: Tracee Ellis Ross
Tracee Ellis Ross made a bold entrance at the 16th annual American Black Film Festival in Miami on Thursday (June 21). Never mind the wonky eye. That’s not a new issue.

The ‘Reed Between The Lines’ actress, who is currently serving as the ambassador at the four-day festival, rocked a Thakoon Resort 2012 Ikat Scarf Neck Jumper to the opening night for the film ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild.’

Tracee accented the $875 silk jumpsuit with gold hoop earrings and leopard print pumps. What’s your verdict on her style?

The Fashion Bomb Daily contributor Jihan notes that Beyonce (codename: King Yaki of the Bayou) donned a similar pattern earlier this year.

Style Notes: Beyonce Cradles Blue Ivy In A Versace Venetian Print Silk Shirt

| pictures of Tracee Ellis Ross courtesy Black Film

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  • selena velazquez

    I’m sure Bu feels her donk compensates for her wonk.

  • teerific

    $875!! FOH? $8.75 for the entire ensemble?Yaassss n the low rider eye thrown in for free ;)

  • Mook

    Tracee’s dressed like she’s going to the Woodstock fest in 1969

  • Francis Jones

    Um, Imma hafta vote no.  Btw,when and where does Reed Between the Lines come on?

    • Fresh


  • omshugness

    I think she’s doing “eye control” in the picture.  I have the same “wide eye” condition, people think I’m either scared or high.  I try to squint them down a little but it comes out lopsided in pictures.  I can’t get with the shoe.  Hair & makeup definitely need some help, but hey it’s hella hot in Miami right now..  Oh well, I still love you Tracee.

  • Rasha

    It always looks like Tracee is just waitin on somebody to make a Diana Ross joke.

  • Sara

    Is she winking at me in that second pic?

  • Merdalove

    Love me some Tracee ….but I think….. if her hair was done it really would’ve pull this look together.

    One thing i can say about black women….When our hair is done we can have on a jogging suit on and still look good…..but when that hair needs to be done …we can have on a prom dress and look a mess!

  • Leslie Uggs

    You know what, I ride-or-die with Tracee.  Even though the outfit itself looks foolish, she oddly doesn’t look LIKE a fool because she “owns” the sheot with style & a non-manufactured elegance.  

  • Micron

    She did know how to do it, but the fabric is ugly and the lip is too dark.

    I understand what she was trying to do though.