Nas: Living The Good Life In London

nas kicks1 Nas: Living The Good Life In London

Nas took a moment to admire the kicks of BBC radio host DJ Semtex while making his promotional rounds in London on Thursday (June 21).

Here’s some shade to stand under: The Queens rapper revealed that his decision to drape ex-wife Kelis‘ unique green wedding dress over his lap for the cover of his tenth studio album was to convey “an old blues man talking about his life.”

“She took her stuff out of the house and left her green wedding dress. And that was all she left,” he explained on his ‘Behind the Music’ special earlier this year.

Flashback! Nas, Daughter Destiny And Then Wife Kelis At The 2006 MTV Music Awards

“It clicked right there. You’re saying it even in your interview, it’s like a given that this should allude to this being on the cover, that statement,” he told MTV News about the decision to take it a step further. ”Some things you can’t plan, they happen.”

Listen to his new single from his ‘Life is Good’ LP (due in stores July 17) featuring Rick Ross below.

Destiny is all grown up now. Check her out in the video for “Daughters” below: