In Other News: Amber Rose Says Her Music Career Is A Wrap For Now

amber rose In Other News: Amber Rose Says Her Music Career Is A Wrap For Now

Speaking with on the set of her new film Amber Rose dealt the music industry a devastating blow: She is hanging up her mic after releasing two game changing songs.

If you have to cry go outside.

“I got engaged and I decided not to go through with an album because I just feel like it’s a bit too much. I’m 28 now and me and Wiz are in love and we’re thinking about having kids and to do shows and start a music career is just not on the cards for me.”

But don’t count her completely out of all the fun just yet.

“I’ll dip and dab and do little cool stuff,” she added with a smile. “I’m featured on Wiz’s mixtape with Rick Ross, and I’ll just do little fun stuff like that whenever I feel like it’s cool.”

Listen to Ambot literally speak easy on “Never Been II” inside.

Amber Rose Does A Mean Slash

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    So sh finally realized that she has nothing to offer exept a pose for the camera? Im happy for her. And oh she wanna have kids now cuz she getting fat huh? Ok amber. Get secured baby mama status while u can girl! I ain’t mad. But u could have been getting Kanye sized checks… I’m just saying. All this huffing and puffing u been doing and u aint even gonna TRY to accomplish anything. U lazy heffa! Wish u the best.


  • teerific

    wat will the game do without her??!!

  • deezy

    The Bald and the Beautiful is just……

  • Lady Tee

    So the fact that uCant sing has nuttin’ do to with the fact that your music career is over before it started?  OK, iTake the bait on that one…

  • Ann

    Wuz in da nue chicken wraps? Yo career girl, yo career.

  • Micron

    Well Stop the Insanity!

  • TeanBean00

    it wiz an entire minute to start his rap.. this the shit im talking about.. u coming in the beat hella late like u about to play a banger..

  • Francis Jones

    The jokes just write themselves. Girl, stop making it so damn easy.

    • Lady Tee

      iKnow right, its like they are taking our Shade before we get the chance to shade!

  • Mook

    good, we don’t wanna hear her autotuned self again…

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  • DLivingston

    Had to stop at :35 mark.  Is this what rap/hip-hop has come to?  If so, they should jump off a big-ass building now.

    • Lady Tee

      Because of a slow work afternoon, i (regretfully) listened to the entire song.  Once again, I have pissed away precious minutes of my life that iCant get back. 

      Ssmokin weed, netflixs and niggas?  Is this what our ancestors died for?  if they knew this is what we would have evolved to, iReally think they would have chose to stay in the fields…iCant with any of this…

      Whatever happened to “fighting the power?”  “Rapping against Self Destruction?”

      • DLivingston

        One thing to look forward to is they will be the brokest (or brokenest) mofos in about 3-5 years from now.  I don’t see Hedge Funds in either of their futures.