Video: OMG Girlz – Where The Boys At?

omg Video: OMG Girlz   Where The Boys At?

Being fast in the ass during summer vacation now has a sing-a-long: ‘I’m lookin’ for somebody with a nearly perfect body, pretty smile and some tatts! Where ya at?’

Beauty, Baby Doll and Star leave the Harris Family unit hanging like one of Momma Dee’s village feeders to go boy hunting for their colorful new video.

Inside, watch T.I. reprimand the teenage trio about dropping it low in the company of the opposite sex.

Don’t mention anything about Kim Kardashian poppin’ birth control pills at age 15 the next time you’re in the client chair at Tiny’s Nail Bar unless you prefer to walk away with minced cuticles, ‘kay?

| photos courtesy Prince Williams for ATLpics