Jacking For Posts: Rihanna Shades The Hell Out of Drake On Instagram

rihanna1 Jacking For Posts: Rihanna Shades The Hell Out of Drake On Instagram

If a mutual appreciation for blurting out 2 Chainz song lyrics at the most inopportune moments doesn’t bring your heart closer to Curry Goat nothing else will. But the following shade is a great start. Allow Kid Fury to explain:

And the drama continues.

If you follow me on Twitter (and you should), then you probably noticed my new avatar featuring a very cunt and saucy Drake with long and luxurious lavender hair. Photoshop is such a blessing.

Well @yewmadcunt snatched that avatar and posted it on Instagram with the caption, “Bitch Nigga!” underneath and Rihanna (@badgirlriri) certainly hit the like button. Oop!

AvdB6uBCQAAqWez Jacking For Posts: Rihanna Shades The Hell Out of Drake On Instagram

So does RiRi think Drake is a bitch nigga or does she simply appreciate that lovely weave on his head? Hopefully it’s the latter, because I really want someone to convince the real Aubrella to get it done.

Thanks to @_Jelllooo for the brilliant tip/photo!

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  • PrinceBeezy

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  • http://www.twitter.com/Char_den Char_den

    Does Rhianna have a manager or even a publicist? The things that she (Chris and some of the other ig’nant black folks) do on the social network only serves to damage their brand. Your audience is going to grow up one day and become more sophisticated than they think they are now and your career better be on track to grow up with them. I am no fan of Bey but she knows how to keep her nose clean, her personal life a mystery and still has public interest directed toward her after all these years. Rihanna is like a hood rat with too much money and too much time on her hands and no sense to manage either.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/T7TJYB53SBKBZE7ADYMUHH7RNY BoSoxQT- Kat Stacks’ English teacher

    RiRi is a shady, shady queen. She’s the type to Facebook friend that updates her status ten times a day to tell you about all of her shitty relationships. Then she gets mad when you tell her to put up or shut up. Girl, I can’t do passive aggressive yodeling.

    That picture of Drake is clutch though. I adore Kid Fury. In my head, we sit at the table sipping Big Ass Mug’s of tea while reading people.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/J7TAYP7WII65RMOS7HZUDPL3FA Rasha

    Rihanna likes to stay in the mix doesn’t she, but calls journalists ‘messy’. Girl bye, and take lavender tresses and beaver with you

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/7YUKEYQ656P5IO7QD37JO4OSDM Mook

    I can’t w/ that smiley face yellow nail polish

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/BZDNEISLLWZMHFFPLM4GUIUHKM bohemia

    When your tampon string show…and Rihanna sees it…All astronomical heights of bitchassness will come to light….Dude,just hide out and put yourself in The Bitchass Protection Program…You have been served.

  • http://www.twitter.com/goBEYgo goBEYgo

    LOL he is such an idiot.  Ole girl has made it perfectly clear that Chris could get it anytime anywhere and Draeklyn stays in denial.  Love his lip gloss though…