There Will Be Tears If Your Kid Asks Lil’ Wayne For His Picture During The Finals

lil wayne1 There Will Be Tears If Your Kid Asks Lil Wayne For His Picture During The Finals

Lil’ Wayne, pictured above with eccentric multimillionaire NBA superfan Jimmy Goldstein during a break in the first half between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat on Tuesday (June 12), is being accused of making a 5-year-old girl cry after she requested to have her picture snapped with the rapper.

Gangsta rap made him do it.

The NBA Mistress – The Lil Wayne beef with the OKC Thunder is becoming interesting and quite comical and the latest chapter in the story is all based from Thunder fans documented by this independent Thunder blog.

One problem, one fan alleges, fans wanted to take pictures of Lil Wayne, but his security was insistent on the “no pictures” policy even turning down a little girl:

At one point a little girl about 5 years old came up to take his picture. His bodyguard stands up and gets between Lil Wayne and the girl and told her “You need to go and sit down NOW. No pictures” It was said with quite a bit of malice and force. She got scared and as she was going back to her seat, her Dad heard what went on and went over and said something to the effect of “Do not under any circumstance talk to my daughter like that.” Security gets down there. Bodyguard informs him of what’s going on and says “****ing kids are taking picture of Wayne, that can’t happen.” Security guard informs him that “we don’t talk about our kids like that in this state. I know you go to many different arenas throughout the country and they might talk like that there, and that might be permissible but not here. Take your seat.”

Also, Thunder fans allege Lil Wayne was upset that he couldn’t access a special exit and had to depart the building with regular folk:

Then after the game he wasn’t allowed to use the player special back exit to the arena and had to go out like all the ‘normal fans’. You know, the same exit Ryan Seacrest had to utilize. Lil’ Wayne had to exit the arena up a regular aisle with the “regular” folk, and not through the lower-level tunnel where he had come in. The details are sketchy about this part of the story.

Once again, this is all coming from emails sent to the above Thunder blog and who knows how much truth is behind it. However, it sounds like something that may irk the rapper if it is true.

Lil Wayne has to understand that in Thunder-land, they care more about the professional sport than the ego-centric celebrities that come and watch it.