Quick Quotes: Tashera Simmons On Why She Is Finally Divorcing DMX

tashera Quick Quotes: Tashera Simmons On Why She Is Finally Divorcing DMX

Tashera Simmons shocked both her husband of 14 years, DMX, and viewers of VH1′s reality show ‘Couples Rehab’ when she revealed that she wanted a divorce from the troubled rapper. Speaking with Essence.com she made it clear that she is ready to move beyond the confines of X’s shadow and into her own light.

Essence: So, you’ve officially decided to file for divorce, right?

Tashera Simmons: Yes and no. There’s so much to be decided on, so we’re actually in the process of filling now. Our lawyers want to give us advice. On the show, he was really stunned and he couldn’t believe it. I don’t know why. After going through all the stuff we did — after he did all the things he has done and after us going through therapy — I was just like, I couldn’t leave [the show] without asking for a divorce.

Essence: What mistakes do you think ultimately led to where you and X are today?

Simmons: To be honest with you, I’m not perfect. But overall, when I really look back, I wouldn’t change a thing. As far as when you say “mistakes” in our marriage, I know that the mistake I made, as a woman, was that I sacrificed too much of myself in that relationship. I just felt like it went unnoticed. But I would do it again because me and X started when we were 18 years old, so it’s really like we have 24 years together. I learned so much [from] my journey with him, so I wouldn’t change that. I’m definitely open to dating and new beginnings. I just feel that next time I will definitely know my self worth, and I would never sacrifice so much of myself again. I was so young. X and I met when we were 11. I didn’t know anything else. But, as a grown woman now, shame on me if I ever do that again.

Essence: If you met a woman who was dating a man with a strong personality like X’s, what warnings would you give her?

Simmons: I would definitely tell them to make sure they stand for what they believe in and what they want for themselves. They will get sucked in if they don’t. I was young and I always thought I had a dream about what I wanted in a man, but when you’re young and you don’t really know, you can easily get sucked in.

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