Jay-Z Touches Down In A Pair of Slim-Fit Jeans And Timberlands

jay z Jay Z Touches Down In A Pair of Slim Fit Jeans And Timberlands

“Can’t wear skinny jeans ’cause my knots don’t fit” you don’t say? Well, those look a little young to me but that’s neither here nor there.

Jay-Z‘s security was surprised by a large group of fans who burst through barriers at Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England and charged the rapper’s helicopter as it landed. A solo Hovito handed off his iPad and iPhone to pose for pictures with the excited fans before hopping into an awaiting vehicle.

You can bet your sweet ass that if Beyonce and the Sacred Lamb of Tribeca were present shit would have gone down a lot differently. Three words: Jarmann harpoon rifle.

Video footage from Nas’ plans to lynch an animatronic effigy with Jay-Z’s face on it during his headlining set at Summer Jam ’02 has resurfaced this week. After Hot 97 got wind of God Son’s intentions to hang the life sized dummy from wooden gallows the station nixed his plans and he pulled out of the show.