Twitter Reacts To Chad Ochocinco Being Released By Patriots

chad1 Twitter Reacts To Chad Ochocinco Being Released By Patriots

“Aww baby you got cut @ochocinco I got your back! I’m the bread winner now, which means I make the rules! #Boom”

With that shady ass tweetEvelyn Lozada released incredulous amounts of slander on my Twitter timeline today. I’m always here for mess after 5PM.  Good looking out.

Here’s how a few good people I follow on the social networking site reacted to the news that Chad Ochocinco was released by the New England Patriots this afternoon:

‏@RealLifeKaz - Decades of Ocho swag diminished in two smooth tweets. incredible

@ErnestEstime - Chad Ochocinco definitely did something legendarily coonish to get such a tweet from his main lady. Finished on her face or something.

‏@YolieTheJew - Hi @WalkerAntoine8

@DavidDTSS - Bruh . . . Evelyn Lozada straight skeeted all over Ocho’s life with that tweet. I hope Ocho don’t beat Evelyn for that. If he catches a case that’ll be one more catch than he had last season. He’s Chad OchoTres now. Evelyn took two very important things away from him.

@blurbette - Evelyn is the breadwinner now? But didn’t she close her shoe store? So they are going to live off the sales of her Wales 88 palette? Is Shaunie still selling her clothes on Ebay? Evelyn might need a second job, so . . .

@InfNYC - I blame Pilar Sanders.

@LuxeMonster - I hope Evelyn don’t make @ochocinco work at Dulce. Buck the system bro! But if she starts dressing you in Coogi & Ecko I’m protesting.