How Dreadful: Kim Zolciak Evicted From Her Rented Mansion

kim z How Dreadful: Kim Zolciak Evicted From Her Rented Mansion

If you liked it then you should have bought the deed on it!

Let us pray Chateau Sheree has a spot for her good friend Kim Zolciak and crew because this does not have a happy ending. After a Twitter war yesterday (June 4) between Kim and her interior designer to the stars landlord Kendra Davis about Kim not paying her rent on time, our good girlfriends at TMZ decided to investigate the situation.

Kim swore to the world and TMZ when when they asked that Kendra’s statement was a cry for publicity – “Oh! So now I dont pay my rent LMAO…Ppl will say anything for attention. I know if ppl werent paying me Id have a lawyer not twitter court.”

Kendra retaliated against Kim’s comments, including a statement about the house being trash: “Well she dreamed of trash until she realized she couldn’t afford it! LOL. As long as she gets out I don’t care what she says!”

“Truth always prevails! I’m going to continue to conduct business the way I always have. But be clear! It will all reveal it’s self in time!”

In less than 24 hours TMZ found a copy of the lease and now call Mrs. ‘Tardy for the Party’ a fibber and a squatter for blatantly lying:

According to the lease, either Kendra or Kim had a right to terminate the lease by giving written notice 30 days before May 30. If no one gave notice, the lease would be extended beginning in June on a month-to-month basis.

But here’s the deal … Someone did give 30 days notice — AND IT WAS KIM AND HER HUBBY!! Take a look at Kroy Biermann’s email to the landlord dated March 29, 2012. So the lease officially terminated May 30 — so she lied to us when she said it was still in effect.

It’s now June 5 and Kim and Kroy are still in the house. Under the lease, they’re considered squatters — i.e., illegal tenants — and the lease says they are required to pay $600 for every day they illegally stay. The landlord says they haven’t paid $600 a day, so it appears Kim also lied to us when she said she was totally current on rent.

The landlord gave us a letter that she sent Kim and Kroy today … telling them they’re in the house illegally and must vacate immediately, and if they don’t she’ll see them in court.

We’ve called Kim — so far, no response.

Pants on fire, Kim.

Kim took to twitter after TMZ’s story surfaced with claims that the house failed inspection when she was trying to buy the house from Kendra. She also claims Kendra tried to sell her the house for $3 million when it was only appraised for $2 million. My, my, my.

Either way, renting or buying, shouldn’t Kim still have to pay rent for June if she is still in the house? Sound off in the comments!

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