Azealia Banks At Summer Jam 2012: What’s Your Verdict On Her Style?

az1 Azealia Banks At Summer Jam 2012: Whats Your Verdict On Her Style?

Harlem-born rapper Azealia Banks created another career milestone on Sunday (June 3) with her first performance at Summer Jam. Peep another flick of Madame Whodini and her dawtah working it for The Art Institutes of Fashion kids below.

“I’m actually really gassed that I was asked to do summer jam. I know I’m all anti-everything (lol) but It really does mean a lot to me,” she shared with Twitter followers about the experience.

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Do you think Azealia’s onstage garb hit a high note? Check out with C+D readers had to say about her rodeo show attire.

Tamika - She’s giving me Jesse the Cowgirl from Toy Story 2.

Tiffany - She looks like an extra from Kool Moe Dee’s “Wild Wild West” video.

Darlando - Hot. All you styleless lame ass hatin bitches will be rocking this with color block shoes later on this summer.

ovah1 Azealia Banks At Summer Jam 2012: Whats Your Verdict On Her Style?

Katrina - She needs to return her Dance Costume back to Candy Apples dance studio. I know I’m not the only one who watches ‘Dance Moms.’ They don’t appreciate her using all of their props at once.

Janeen - She stay looking like her tour wardrobe is sponsored by Pretty Girl and Easy Pickins. From those knees and elbows, who she really needs as a sponsor is Vaseline Intensive Care Clinical Therapy Lotion.

Freshie - She looks like one of Sailor Moon’s classmates.

Poppa Dolo - Who the fuck is that?