Chad Ochocinco Loves H&M — And Ortho Tri-Cyclen

chad evelyn birth control Chad Ochocinco Loves H&M    And Ortho Tri Cyclen

This week, Chad Ochocinco tweeted a photo of future wife Evelyn Lozada‘s birth control pills to his 3.4 million followers, writing “May I charter in exorbitant vaginal activities? Oh I got your birth control with me.” The ‘Basketball Wives’ star quickly reprimanded Ocho for his actions, responding “TMI CHAD SMH.”

The New England Patriots star also joked with his fiery fiancée that he is taking full advantage of his “hall pass” privileges while she is away on travel.

“Holy shit your avatar,” Chad wrote to Evelyn on Thursday. “Yeah you fine but I’m gone enjoy this “Hall Pass” anyway fine ass see you Sunday.”

Truth in jest? Oh. Eventually, the bored wide receiver found something positive to occupy both his time and penis, attending the grand opening of the H&M pop-up shop in South Beach on Friday (June 1).

Check out pictures of him wearing a t-shirt from the retailer while filming scenes for his reality show ‘Ev & Ocho’ below!

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    I want Evelyn to realize that a real man would love her ho ass if she could just love herself. How can marrying a sleaze be a come up for her? He boo boos on her publicly and I feel so sorry for her . I truly am scared for the tramp. He is ruining her.

  • Agelover-c0m

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  • Noneofyobiz

    Won’t they make pills for men to take and see him popped them bad boys.????

  • Francis Jones

    I can remember when he used to be a football player.

  • Ann

    Lord, I thought Chad was taking Ortho as some sort of clear skin regimen.

    • Sepia LaDiva

      The sad part is, that sounds quite plausible given his previous antics.

  • kidrobotgirl

    He’s so immature to me but she likes it so whatever…

    • Player Hater

      I think she puts up with the BS because she is so deparate to get married.

  • Rasha

    Chad ain’t shit and everybody he deals with in life ain’t shit either. I have the same reaction about him as I do Chris Brown. Some people just don’t need to be called men.

  • Mook

    why the hell would somebody put a pic of birth control pills on Twitter?

    • Rasha

      It’s Chad. Thats self-explanatory

    • Micron

      Dumb ass niggas do dumb ass shit.

    • teerific

      a ratchet azz ni99a