Readers Respond To Ciara’s Big Album News: Good Luck With That

Image56 Readers Respond To Ciaras Big Album News: Good Luck With That

Earlier this week, Ciara revealed details to her new album, ‘One Woman Army.’

“This is the most vulnerable I’ve ever been in my life and career. And I’m so confident with being vulnerable,” she told MTV before joining her That’s My Boy co-stars onstage.

“At one point in time, I was very afraid to be as vulnerable as I am. This is almost like a journal, my own personal journal when you get this record.”

She said the album is “very, very personal” and she “darn near cried” while writing most of the songs. Hopefully the latter won’t be the case in respect to the first week album sales.

Ciara In The City

As always, Crunkland readers didn’t skimp on their opinions of Super Cecil’s big news. Comments included:

Rasha - I honestly never knew she left. I actually just got sick of seeing her show up to stuff and doing that lame Matrix move.

M.J. 2.0 - One Woman Army tracklisting:

1. Man Enough
2. Bag o’ Cans
3. Butch Queen Anthem
4. Princess of Chyna
5. Gimme Dat Attention (feat. Ashanti)
6. Spare a Dime (feat. MC Hammer)
7. Fantasy Marta II (feat. T-Boz)
8. Mama, I Want To Operate The McFlurry Machine
9. One Woman Army/ Interlude with Wendy Williams, Sheree Whitfield, and Big Ang
10. Push it Back
11. Moonbounce (feat. Sheree Whitfield)

Ant - Poor Clarence. Up there looking like a thin Wendy Williams. “One Woman Army.” That’s exactly how many people will buy it.