Royce Reed Blogs About Evelyn Lozada Airing Out Former Friend’s Dirty Laundry

royce Royce Reed Blogs About Evelyn Lozada Airing Out Former Friends Dirty Laundry

Airing out the dirty laundry of others isn’t on the list of chores for ‘Basketball Wives’ personality Royce Reed. Now, ironing underoos for that Romeo Miller lookalike boyfriend of hers to wear during his away game trip is different.

The former Orlando Magic dancer called out cast member Evelyn Lozada for putting the business (read: hoe shit) of ex-bestie Jennifer Williams out on front street in a blog post recapping the season finale of the show.

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“I cringed as I watch the scenes between Evelyn and Jenn. In all the interviews I’ve read from both sides I’ve NEVER read about Jenn telling anyone’s secrets. Not Nia’s, not Evelyn’s,” writes Royce.

“Sure, some of her statements can be taken the wrong way, but isn’t that what we signed up for when we decided to do a reality show? To have an opinion? To voice that opinion? I’m confused.”

When We Were Friends: Evelyn And Jennifer

She continued: “It shocked me to see Evelyn air so many of Jenn’s secrets. It almost seemed as if she got joy from not only airing it to the other ladies, but to the world. We didn’t need to know, especially from her former best friends, that her bank accounts were locked, her heat was turned off or who she slept with without a condom.”

“I’m pretty sure if Jenn had a tell-all book, many would move to that cave Uncle Phil was in before Hillary’s Playboy ad came out on the Fresh Prince,” she added.

Royce also responded to Drunk Ass Tami placing their friendship on indefinite hiatus following a difference in opinions over her beef with Kesha Nichols and Shaunie O’Neal for instigating drama. Hear her thug cries by clicking here to read the post in its entirety.

Watch Evelyn deplete the last of her fucks while unloading dirt on Jennifer she has been holding on to since their Las Vegas trip below.