Hey Ya! Andre 3000 Spotted As Jimi Hendrix In Ireland

andre0 Hey Ya! Andre 3000 Spotted As Jimi Hendrix In Ireland

Dookie Blossumgame III is not here for the prying eyes of the paparazzi. Yesterday, a camera shy Andre 3000 was spotted in full costume as triple OG guitar hero Jimi Hendrix on the first day of shooting for an unauthorized biopic in Dublin, Ireland.

Based on interviews and archival materials, ‘All Is By My Side’ will highlight Hendrix’s career breakthrough around the time he moved to London in 1966 and personal exploits as he worked on his heralded debut album, ‘Are You Experienced.’

There’s just one slight issue: Hendrix’s estate says it will not support the film. A full-length biopic with no music is like Khia without a MetroPCS bill — problematic as fuck.

“Various media outlets have recently published accounts that indicate a feature-length Jimi Hendrix biographical film is nearing production. Experience Hendrix, LLC, the family-owned company entrusted with safeguarding the legacy of Jimi Hendrix and administrator of the Jimi Hendrix music and publishing catalog, has made it known many times in the past that no such film, were it to include original music or copyrights created by Jimi Hendrix, can be undertaken without its full participation,” read the lengthy statement issued by his estate.

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