Your ‘Role Models’ Didn’t Even Catch The Shade Vibe Magazine Served Them. That’s The Great Part.

shade1 Your Role Models Didnt Even Catch The Shade Vibe Magazine Served Them. Thats The Great Part.

My how I love a quick read!

As observed by Brook Lynn Carter on yesterday, Vibe magazine mocked reality television queens Kandi Buruss, Tamar Braxton, Evelyn Lozada and Chrissy Lampkin on the sly by branding them as ‘Role Models’ for the cover of its annual Sexy Issue.

While many of us enjoyed the complimentary kee kee kee and tipped our hats to the magazine (whether it left a good or bad taste in your mouth, their mission in getting people talking was definitely accomplished), not everybody was laughing. Here’s a snippet from the community conversation on C+D’s Facebook profile:

“Yes. If I had a choice of being a senator or running a failing show store and running across dinner tables barefoot to attack another woman I’m obviously going for the latter. I will NEVER buy an issue of Vibe because of this.” — Marissa

“Soooo… are we now teaching or daughters how to trade their “special cookie” for gucci bags and prada shades? You know what? I will stick to education, common sense, and good manners. Except for Kandi, she is a great business women that went out and created her own wealth the right way. By working for it, not sleeping for it!” — Faith

“Vibe stopped being about shit years ago. This mag is now for the hood, ratchet and hopeless. Bitches that rock lacefronts, got face tatts and kids can’t speak nothing but curse words and recite Wacka Flocka. The niggas that read this cant read too good. Got 30 kids and paying a $1.15 in child support and got warrants and shit.” — Ty

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  • Dee

    I felt like it was all our fault for watching these…women…and giving them shine.
    Now our young girls are corrupted

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  • Merdalove

    Remember when vibe magazine use to be big as hell….seriously like the size of a fuckin poster.

  • Micron

    When I saw the cover I was like,

    “What is the Wholahay Hell?” because I knew Kandi can be a role model despite her lips having that ability to fly when she smiles…

    Eleven is a ho, a dumb ho and that’s a no-no.

    Tamar is just a cartoon character and I still think she isn’t real.

    And Chrissy, while I like her, she really doesn’t do anything but fight people.

  • Marissa

    Of course Fresh quotes me when I have a typo! hahaha womp
    (“Show store” was supposed to be “shoe store” but I was caught up in the moment.)

    • Taji

      Show stor works cuz that exactly what it is. Now who exactly shops in that joint? Stunts and shows… It’s was a Fuedian slip that worked.

      • Mz. a.k.a Kim K’s leather pants

        Nobody stops there now cause that shit closed down. Why? cause I along with other folks that got an ounce of sense will NOT contribute a shiny red penny to this hoe’s LOOSE ASS life.

        Then she put on for viewers talking about she closing cause she’s too busy. GTFOH! NOBODY LIKES YOU BITCH!

  • Andrea Jones

    What’s really sad is Chrissy is menopausal and acting like a girl outta high school.  Evilyn is right behind her with her old ass.

  • deezy

    I think that the shade of calling them “Rolemodels” is both cruel and hilarous 

  • Rasha

    I just love how they all trynna make some type of sense of the shitty shows they do.

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  • Mook
    • Rasha

      No it wont cause imma pretend it doesn’t exist much like the imaginary smith family

  • Sepia LaDiva

    Let’s all be honest here: Vibe stopped being about shit at least over a decade ago. And like most magazines, it’s struggling to hold onto its coins. They should just throw in the towel and become a strictly digital magazine.

    • Rasha

      My last vibe magazine I purchased was this one

      • Mook

        Harpo who those women?

  • Mook

    role models to who… reality show famewhores?