Mane Moves: Fantasia Goes To Great Yaki Lengths For ‘American Idol’ Finale

tasia11 Mane Moves: Fantasia Goes To Great Yaki Lengths For American Idol Finale

You’ve got to give it to Teeny for making moves in the best interest of his baby sister. Allowing her to cash out his EBT card’s remaining balance to upgrade her look was a selfless act of brotherly love. The budget of his next music video is pretty much non-existent now but it’s a small price to pay in order to ascend to Waka Flocka’s Triple F Life. Friends, fans and family over everything.

Mother’s Day was fucking disastrous to say the least, but it’s in our rear view mirrors.

Fantasia and her strategically placed flowing yaki hit up the ‘American Idol’ Season 11 Grand Finale Show in Los Angeles on Wednesday (May 23).

In case your memory needs a refresher, she tattooed baby daddy Antwaun Cook’s name on one of the village feeders she calls breasts before he was her baby daddy. High Point’s hottest has been catching hell from Aunt Bunny and the rest of the Red Hat Society since.

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If her date looks familiar its because Jamia Simone Nash is the young actress who portrayed Tasia Mae in the Lifetime movie based on her memoir of the same name, ‘Life Is Not A Fairytale.’ Check out more flicks below!