Style Jury: Adrienne Bailon

adrienne style Style Jury: Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon stepped out for the D’Usse cognac launch party in New York City last week in Al Reynold’s cocktail hour uniform.

“Can’t see me skill for skill or check for check It’s the bow tie flow dog, I bring it to your neck! #NYC #BowTie #Lanvin #D’Usse,” tweeted Rob Kardashian’s ex-boo. What’s your verdict on her look?

Adrienne will star alongside former 106 & Park host Julissa Bermudez and fellow Latina in a new reality series for the Style network titled ‘Empire Girls: Julissa & Adrienne.’ Cameras will follow the pair around New York City as they strive to find love and happiness in a cutthroat industry — all by the time they turn 30.

Adrienne Bailon Has A Monokini Moment In Miami

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    It’s human nature I suppose.

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  • Mook

    why did I think this was Rihanna at first?

  • Player Hater

    This chick here is so thirsty, she is making my throat dry

  • Micron

    Is she on her way to work at Katsuya?

  • Merdalove

    She tries too hard!
    And who the fuck laid her baby hairs down like that….toothbrush game proper

    • courtney bishop


  • Dutch Apple Pie

    Face wise it would look good in a photo shoot for a fashion magazine but outside that Is that bow tie a bit frayed or is it just me? Shorts look like a gold diaper.

  • Wealthyloving -com

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    • Dutch Apple Pie

      HAHAHAHAHA! Look at all this fail

  • Marissa

    Another show for me to forget exists until Fresh posts random clips/stories from it.
    Fresh, please don’t post random clips/stories from it.

  • Kai

    Idk what heritage she is but assuming its some kind of Latina related situation she may want to try her luck down south and get some bilingual in her life…see if Mr.Worldwide would guest on a track or something. South America is huge market and she ain’t pickin up steam in the lower 48.

    • Dutch Apple Pie

      Better take her act to Europe like Kelly, H-Town and Kelis

  • kidrobotgirl

    Close but I am not buying into this look. 

  • Lady Tee

    So she managed to wear something without exposing her genitals…gold star for her!

  • Francis Jones

    Another show that will not be clogging up my DVR.

  • Rasha

    I’m terrified at wearing anything white around her.

  • deezy

    Is she like the Latino Bai Ling?

  • M.J. 2.0

    Is this what passes as fashion in Hollywood?