Style Jury: Janet Jackson

Looking slim and trim, Nutrisystem spokeswoman Janet Jackson had the girls come out to wave hello in a fitted embroidered shirt during her red carpet appearance at the Marcho Glaviano ‘Supermodels’ exhibition opening in New York City yesterday (May 10). What’s your verdict on her look?

“[My weight] is something I’ve dealt with all my life, and it’s been an issue for me,” she revealed to Us Weekly in a recent interview.

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“People can relate to me because I have lived it. I truly understand what it’s like to have a problem with weight loss, losing too much weight or gaining more than you desire to and becoming unhealthy.”

Here’s the part of the post where I randomly make a reference to Freddie Jackson vehemently denying that his drastic weight loss had something to do with him having “the package.”

janet2 Style Jury: Janet Jackson