Anna Wintour Is Not Here For Rihanna At The Present Moment

ri Anna Wintour Is Not Here For Rihanna At The Present Moment

Rhymes With Snitch: Anna Wintour is not here for Rihanna after she was tardy for the party.

Necole Bitchie: House Mother Kanye slays without saying a word.

Miss Jia: The Creole Queen’s Bodyguard plays no games when it comes to his job duties.

Rap-Up: Our Fair Lady Nippy to be honored by ‘VH1 Divas’

Concrete Loop: CL runs down the fashions at the 2012 MET Gala.

Ronald Matters: NeNe Leakes announces her new show on NBC.

The Lava Lizard: HMK is determined for you to have a seizure.

D Listed: He’s going to put somebody’s eye out with that thing.

Straight From The A: ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 5 is already in motion with a new cast member in tow.

Freddy O: See! They should have never taken prayer out the schools.

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  • Traci_CT

    This shit right here…made my day

    • peppermint

      LOL that gave me lifffffffffffffffe!!!!! APPLAUSE APPLAUSE!!

      • Traci_CT

        The sign is NOTHING without the cry-face lmfao

    • A Land

      my new facebook profile pic.

  • mook

    somebody please explain this to me

  • mook

    more proof that death comes in threes, first MCA from the Beastie Boys, then Maurice Sendak now Vidal Sassoon

    • Rasha

      I remember when Vidal was on the Martha Stewart show talking about haircuts and things.

  • Francis Jones

    Anna “Nuclear Winter” Wintour is not to be fucked with. Period. Betta recognize Hoetrashians and West Indian popstars.

    • peppermint

      that woman can slap a bitch with her eyes at thirty paces. i wouldn’t fk with her at all.

      • mook

        tell that to Onika…

  • mook

    I’m betting that Brandy is gonna be the first artist announced for the Vh1 Divas Live Salute to Nippy. smdh

  • nj

    I guess I should be happy kanye is releasing creative material even if it’s from 2010. :| Sorry he’s raised the bar too high for himself so imma need more than a video. New tracks perhaps? NOT mentioning your current PR girlfriend/future baby mama? pls and thx

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