Watch This: Jacking Off To Yo’ Facebook Pics

Image66 Watch This: Jacking Off To Yo Facebook Pics

The pervy kid from your Sunday School class has a brand new anthem. Now get a taste of his potion and do it in slow motion:

“I log in on Facebook / And I start to look at them pics / And it make my dick so hard / I feel the pressure rising girl / Rising for you / And I’m finna jack off / Jack off to you / Girl you got me feeling, feeling like I love you / And I want you, I’m jacking off to you”

Instagram remix coming soon.

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  • Mz.

    SMH….where is Uncle Facebook with that belt when you need him?! “now jack off on THAT shit!”

    • A Land

      hate to be the debbie downer… but apparently Uncle Facebook’s belt did not work… that boy ended up getting killed. 

      • Mz.

        Yeeeah! I saw that. Just goes to show, you cant always blame the parents. You can do all you can to keep them from going the wrong way but they gonna do what they want anyway. Thats sad.

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  • Micron


  • Soni Jayyyyyyyyy!!!!

    But that smile at the end, though……

  • deezy

    Trey Songz go be on the remix?

  • deezy

    Black nerds be doing the most

  • Ms. Ebony

    idk y this made me think of drake lmao;

  • AT Bradshaw

    PS; why does he always look like he finna fall asleep? Oh my goodness. LMFAOOOO

  • AT Bradshaw

    Isn’t this the same kid who pretended to be a Super Saiyan in that one video? Godo Lord Jesus. His mother needs to take away his computer… forever.

  • Wealthyloving -com

    find your soulmate or sexual partner!

  • Marissa

    I saw this a few weeks ago and was at my desk at work with my head at an unnatural angle just staring wide-eyed.

  • Cat

    I will not click this. This is the same kid who went Super Saiyan. Dumbass.

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  • Francis Jones

    It’s sad when your attempt to look sexy only makes you look even more window lickerish.

  • Rasha


  • OB

    This shit here…

    • Micron

      *standing ovation*

  • abolitionista

    Somebody come get yo child

    • Phillip P.

      So Brian McKnight, Jr is releasing an adult mixtape too, huh?

      • mook


      • A Land

        this sounded BETTER than Brian McKnight’s fuckery… just sayin.

  • TeanBean00

    Is this the child who meditated himself into a Super Saiyan?

    • Marissa