Lil’ Wayne Rolls With Top Skate Pros For CCS

css lil wayne Lil Wayne Rolls With Top Skate Pros For CCS

In case you skipped over the memo, Lil’ Wayne has rechristened his image by adopting a Valley Girl accent and embracing the skater lifestyle. Whatever works.

“It’s so cool just to be allowed to be in their circle, let alone skate with them,” says Lil’ Wayne of his experience during the cover shoot for retailer CCS. “Just to be allowed to kick it with these guys is cool cause they them dudes — Torey Pudwill, Theotis [Beasley], Paul Rodriguez, Shane O’Neill . . . if I can skate with these dudes I can skate with anybody.”

“I’ve left my world and I’ve joined the skate world. I want to introduce my world to their world.”

For the skaters on hand the experienced served as an opportunity to ride with the star whose music has played a role in their lives both on and off the board. “Wayne has taught me what work ethic is and he’s taught me to continuously search for perfection,” says pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez. “That’s just a small part of what I’ve learned from listening to his music and being around him.”

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