In Other News: Raz-B Is Still Out Here Cyber Thuggin’

razb1 In Other News: Raz B Is Still Out Here Cyber Thuggin

Legendary social networking stunt queen Raz B has been on the low since moving to China following a viral campaign to expose former B2K manager Chris Stokes for allegedly molesting the boys during the height of their success as a group. But don’t think he has forgotten. On Wednesday (April 18) he tweeted:

“Haven’t heard nothing from them bitch ass niggas and y’all know who I’m talking about! Molesting little kids bitch! Thank God I know God if not somebody would have killed your ass along time ago! Real talk bitch! Your still living cause me! Like @ChrisBrown said I’m not afraid to speak my mind! I’m good going to sleep! I just felt some shit! Or should I be fake and hold it in . . . Y’all family I keep it 100 with y’all.”

via Rhymes With Snitch

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