Spotted: Fans Swarm Nicki Minaj Outside of Her London Hotel

nicki strapped Spotted: Fans Swarm Nicki Minaj Outside of Her London Hotel

Another demure flower plucked from the garden of life.

Nicki Minaj was greeted by a barrage of hysterical Barbz while leaving her hotel in London today. Fans blocked the path to her awaiting vehicle forcing the rapper to wait for a gap to be cleared so that she could get to the car. Meanwhile, photographers stood by to take pictures of her ass, accentuated in a leather bondage dress worn over a pair polka-dot tights. We all have coins to earn.

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  • mook

    why the Thriller jacket, Onika?

  • Char_den

    Fans swarm Nickki Minaj….

    And I thought I had no life. SMDH!

  • Micron

    This is for all the famous people out there.

    This is why you look in the mirror before your ass leaves the house or you hire a stylist with a Bachelor’s degree.

    You cannot be wearing rock climbing gear, grandma pantyhose, a bootleg Member’s Only jacket and still have a hairline that looks like it has been paved with plaster. I mean, damn!

  • Merdalove

    No T no Shade….
    but nobody does a blond lacefront like RuPaul ! I mean his shit looks right!…and he is a bald man! …

    • peppermint

      those edges are creeping me out.

  • roy

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    I have nothing to say about this news…I want to share a happiness with you that i met my husband on wealthyloving two years ago. May 1 is our Wedding anniversary….I think I am the happiest woman in the world…lol….

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  • deezy

    She looks quite depressed.

    • Ann

      Is it because of the twitter fallout she had with her Barbz and Kenz that I just heard about today? I can’t keep up with the drama.