Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov Comes For House Mother Kanye

kanye1 Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov Comes For House Mother Kanye

Sarcasm and deep pockets? Mikhail Prokhorov is a man after my own heart. The Russian billionaire, who owns an 80 percent stake of the New Jersey Nets after dropping a cool $200 million, is standing behind Kris Humphries following butch queen taunts by House Mother Kanye on his new song “Theraflu” “Way Too Cold.”

“Kris has nothing to worry about,” Prokhorov told the New York Daily News shooting down claims that ‘Ye can have Jay-Z boot the former Mr. Kardashian from the team. “I support my players, and I’m on his side in this epic battle.”

Who you finna try? Look for HMK to shift the momentum by releasing a remix to “Pussy Be Yankin” in the days to come.

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  • karla smith

    So him and Kim really ARE dating?  That girl don’t know what to do with herself.

  • Ms. Ebony

    i use to love Kane; :-( ….

  • abolitionista

    WELP he put HMK and his nouveau riche compadre’s, the Carter-Knowles clan, in their respective places. 

    • BoSoxQT- Kat Stacks’ English teacher

      This gif is SO life giving. And he really did shut all that ish down. I don’t screw over my Russian bretheren. They’ve had way too much evil done to them and they just flip the script and do it to others. I’m not in line for that. 

  • Lily CK

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  • Sunny

    I can imagine that Mikhail’s first meeting with Yeezy after the release of “Thurrflu” was something like the gif below.

  • Francis Jones

    Bad week for Kanye. Getting owned by POTUS and a billionaire ex-baskteball playing Rooskie. Tsk.

  • mook

    note the cameraman in the first pic w/ HMk and Hoetrashian.

    yep, this is all for her “reality” show

  • Marissa

    He shut that shit down with a quickness. Womp!

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  • Player Hater

    Kanye loves the hoe’sss