Kenya Bell Is One Weave Closure Joke Away From Taking Off Her Kitten Heels

kb2 Kenya Bell Is One Weave Closure Joke Away From Taking Off Her Kitten Heels

In this glorious life there are two people you never fuck with: Uncle Sam and Kenya Bell. Detroit what, Detroit what!

The ‘Basketball Wives’ newbie played the defense on a range of rumors including plastic surgery accusations by her soon-to-be ex-husband and jacking fashion cues from fellow cast mate Jennifer Williams in a new interview with Juicy magazine.

If she comes up out of her kitten heels there will be consequences and repercussions. You can believe that like a true story.

Juicy: What was going through your mind when Evelyn threw that bottle at you during dinner?

Kenya Bell: I’ve been professionally trained to fight thanks to my Dad. I have no fear of any of them and all of their bullying, negativity, and pure haterism. It’s sad that as women, they aren’t supporting my efforts to be independent as a woman and a mother, especially after I spent years helping my husband make it to the NBA and he’s chosen to ruin his life. [The cast] can talk all they want, as long as neither of them put their hands on me, they have nothing to fear.

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Juicy: Speaking of your husband, what was the plastic surgery claims about?

KB: He’s decided to try and ruin my life by telling lies to the media about plastic surgery, etc. in attempt to ruin any possibility of me having a career. It seems that the women of ‘Basketball Wives’ would be on my side seeing what I’m going through.

Juicy: What made you invite Keisha to your video screening after she threw you under the bus?

KB: Actually that’s the result of editing. My video screening happened BEFORE the bottle throwing incident. I haven’t seen Keisha since she started the fight between Evelyn and I.

Juicy: You seemed to be taking the girls’ criticism very lightly at the screening…

KB: I’m a very cultured individual. I’ve worked in corporate America and shook hands with the President. I know the difference between what’s good and what isn’t, so when someone tells me something is horrible and I know it’s not, it’s laughable to me.

Juicy: The girls seem to think you’re jacking their style. What’s your response?

KB: In response to me “jacking” their style . . . I’ve been me since birth, and although I’m younger than most of them (oh wait I forgot, I’m 40 according to them!), ask those who know me the best, I haven’t changed.

Juicy: To set the record straight, when it comes to Jen do you adore her the way the girls claim?

KB: Jen has been the only person in the group that has been consistently nice to me and I appreciate that. Because of that, I consider her someone that I can become friends with. It’s soooo sad that they have a “mob” mentality and because Jen refuses to “join the crowd” and hate me like they have decided to do before they even got to know me, all of a sudden they say I idolize her. It’s their way of trying to make Jen not like me. I’m so proud of Jen for being an individual.

Juicy: What are your current thoughts on Tami?

KB: I’m very surprised to see the footage of Tami talking bad about me behind my back. I still feel that she has a good heart, that’s why she stepped in between Evelyn and I. Because of the supposed “stabbing” that my husband accused me of, I really didn’t want to have to hurt Evelyn on national television, so I appreciated that. But as a fellow mother of two, it’s very disappointing that she was so mean and hurtful knowing she went through the same things I’m going through on the show.

Bottle Service: Evelyn Extends Kenya ‘Two To The Muthafuckin’ Dome”

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  • Dutch Apple Pie

    Went to highschool with her ex-husband you would never think to know him back then that he would marry the type of woman that would go on a reality show. The things people do for fame and money smh.

    • Moosefan05

      Money-or the promise of Money-makes a person lose their mind and their morals.  Seems like this one never had either.

  • Marissa

    I would love for Evelyn to start something with someone from the hood with no cameras and no one to “hold her back” and for TMZ to obtain the grainy cell phone video footage of her getting her simple ass slammed.
    Maybe then she’ll act her age.

    • Mz.

      Yes! I stan for the day her AND her man roll through Overtown Miami pulling publicity stunts. BOTH of them would get they ass whooped.

  • El @

    Boy I tell ya… these are the most lunch eatinest, afternoon cocktail drinkinest, shit talkinest behind each others back broads I ever seen on tv.  Not even entertaining no more.

    • Player Hater

      Thats because they get paid in drinks instead of dollars.

  • Candace Golden

    Yeah, Kenya’s a bit “different” but doens’t everyone know someone who’s that way. Whatev!

    I’m in full favor of sending Evelyn’s ass to a real live charm school. I’d actually watch that. She’s next in line for a heart attack.

    And is she really mad that the girl called her “loose”? I’m sure she’s called worse on Twitter everyday.

    “Chile Please!”

  • Donna

    That Bitch Kenya is Cray and she is not cute as she think she is. She is old and needs to learn how to dress. She is also a hypocrite. She is mad the girls didn’t get to know her but she called Evelyn a hoe and judged her before getting to know her then lied about it. Evelyn should have threw a shoe at her. Ba Bye Kenya. The plastic surgery did hothing for you and you have nothing to HATE on boo boo. Plus Jennifer is a loser too. You both should move to Loserville

  • Lily CK

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  • Anderson

    Who Gon Check Me Boo!?

  • Player Hater

    Plleassse let her whoop Evelyn’s ass. Pretty Pleassssee!!!

  • Anika Dickerson

    Evelyn needs to grow the fuck up – I mean what 40+ chick acts like that?  …I use to watch this show and then thought to myself, “these broads don’t have nothing better to fight about; come live my life” #DumbAsses

  • Ann

    I don’t know if I stopped watching this show after the second season because I hate looking at Shaunie’s nostrils or because of the overall ratchness of the show.

    These clips give me enough of both.

    • Moosefan05

      Call it a tie.  You would have thought with her Shaq money that she could have just been content to travel and show up for a movie premier or charity function every now and then.  But no.  She decided to spread the hate with these people-who neither mined or mattered in the first place. 

  • DLivingston

    The funny (but getting to be really played out) part is that Shaunie always has a suprised look on her face like ‘Why can’t we go out and be civilized?’  Even after Hoezada gave her the rundown that she was going to get dressed up to act up in a public place prior.

  • mook

    forgot to post this on Easter:

  • keed porter

    THEY BETTA WATCH OUT!  I know a crazy when I see one.  Ppl that are genuinely crazy don’t know they’re crazy.  Kenya’s delusional ass is going to snap and turn them b!tches upside-down just to mop the floor.  She has that “I stare at you while you sleep”, crazy, psycho, blank-smile-all-day look to her.

    • mook

      Kenya’s delusional ass is going to snap and turn them b!tches upside-down just to mop the floor” just like Drunk Ass Tami on The Real World ca. 1995

      btw, I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and saw that Buzzmedia (which publishes C&D) also publishes blogs for the Hoetrashians, and Kendra’s annoying ass. Is there a complaint section on Buzzmedia?

    • Rasha

      Yeah, she seems like that type that would grab a blade instead of a glass water like some folks. Can’t take this show though, it’s just non-stop fighting.